Sunday, November 8, 2009

Book Festival

Yesterday we went to the Target Book Festival downtown. It was a lot of fun. They had free hotdogs, chips, water, and snow cones and booths for crafts and such. There were also lot of authors there, mostly kids, who were selling and signing books they had written.

The Nevada School of the Arts was set to perform and so Zach came with his violin. It was great. They all got up on stage and played some Suzuki numbers. You can Zach second from the left.

Mayor Oscar Goodman made an appearance and we stopped to get a picture. It may shock many of you to know that I really like him as mayor. He is very approachable and has done a lot of good stuff for Las Vegas. Plus, our first picture with him accidentally got erased so he was kind enough to do a mulligan.


Julie T. said...

Your family looks a lot better than his usual pics with showgirls:)

Anonymous said...

You're going downtown to festivals and stuff with two new babies?! I'm so impressed. What's your secret?

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