Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Thump and a Wail

Rinar worked in Albuquerque yesterday and today so I was on my own for the middle of the night feedings. After a while, it all becomes a blur so I really can't remember what happened specifically. I know I woke up many times and that is about it.

So, this morning I was wiped out and trying to sleep as much as possible while I had the chance. However, I jumped out of bed when I heard a big thump followed by lots of crying.

I ran into Eli's room and sure enough, he was on the floor. My little baby boy crawled and then fell out of his crib. Times are changing. He cried a little bit and then he was on his way to a new day. What will this mean for me? I am kind of scared to think about the possiblities, but I will hope for the best.


Southern Kiwi said...

You're awesome Kelly. Those five kiddies couldn't ask for a better mum.

Eve said...

Reminds me of a story.....

(oh, no) lol

When Eiden was a baby, we lived in a small condo unit and I changed his diapers on top of the dryer in the hallway. Weeeeellll, I was distracted by something in the kitchen, and don't ask me why I left him on top of that dryer, but I did (I thought three months was too young to be able to move around much, I guess), but he fell off somehow!!

Now, THAT was a thump and a wail I ran for!! I think angels must have caught him, somehow he landed on his back, not his face or neck at an angle or something I couldn't figure out how he did it or how he landed so well. That was quite a fall, and he was fine somehow.

How would our children survive sometimes I wonder without heavenly intervention? lol

Glad Eli wasn't hurt too bad and that you figured out his new capabilities in a gentler way than could have happened!!

(sending you wishes for a nap later...)

likeschocolate said...

I hope for you that he will continue to stay in his crib, otherwise it is a toddler bed coming to your house soon. Roman is almost 3 and is still in his crib even though he can climb out!

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