Sunday, March 22, 2009

Junior Festival Virtuosos

I feel incomplete without my camera.

Yesterday, Raef and Zach participated in a violin festival. It is a competition where they play two songs and then are evaluated by 3 judges. They are only competing against themselves. I was so nervous for them. I am sure I was more nervous than they were. I know that they practiced a lot and just wanted them to do their very best.

And they did!

They played back to back at the end of the recital. Raef went first. He played "Bouree" and "Gavotte" from Mignon. He did an excellent job and was very precise. He messed up just a little bit but was able to adjust when he got a little bit sharp in a few places. I was so proud of him and his teacher Catherine was beaming also as she listened to him play. It was cute to watch her face of encouragement and also her smile when he did fix a note that was wrong. He has come a long way and can really play the violin.

Zach was up next and he just plowed through his songs. His repetoire was "Gavotte" by Lully and "Minuet in G" by Beethoven. There was only one part I was worried about him doing, and that was when to repeat and when not to repeat. He did get a little confused at one point, but was able to get back on track quickly. Zach is very entertaining to watch. He is a performer and interacts with the crowd. He was smiling at the judges and swaying his body. He really gets into it and I love it.

They both got a superior rating and it was a good experience for both of them. I was a proud Mama.

Rinar was the accompanist for them and also for our neighbor Hannah. When they would finish their set, he would stand up and they would bow together. It was adorable. Raef does a pretty normal bow, but Zach takes a very deep, head to the ground kind of bow. What great kids I have.


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Angie said...

You should be a proud Mama! Good job Raef and Zach!

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