Friday, June 15, 2012

Back To Life

It has been a busy week readjusting to normal life around here. I still have a lot of unpacking to do and projects, projects, projects. But I have been quickly slaying to "project" dragon.  I have been painting tons of stuff and loading it up into rooms.  Raef and Zach's room is looking totally awesome. I can't wait to put it on the blog. It is almost done.  Julia's room is coming together as well, and Harry and Eli now have a colorful and happy place to call home.  Thank you Goodwill and Home Depot.

We are going to Lazy 5 Park today up in Spanish Springs. I thought I would take a few pictures of the little ones to capture the moment. These guys love posing for the camera.

This is Julia's pose.  Supermodel in the making. Don't you love the hand action on the cheek?

1 comment:

Zana said...

what a fun mom to plan a water park adventure...I only make it as far as our pool! So feel free to borrow our key anytime when you don't feel like driving too far :)

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