Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Olympic Challenge is Awesome

Well, my Olympic Challenge seems to be working great. I have lost 7 pounds so far and I can definitely feel the effects of my hard work. For example, I wore my pre-pregnancy pants yesterday. They were a little snug, but still fit nicely with no muffin top.

Today I put on some pants I procured at Deseret Industries that fit me, but were snug when I bought them. Now I feel like I need a belt. They are quite loose. It is such a wonderful problem to have, I tell you.

There are only four more days left for this first challenge and then we take one week off and start again. There are a lot of my other friends who have also had a bit of weight loss by participating. It is so great to do this with friends and see them be successful. It makes it worth it even more.

1 comment:

jana said...

Kelly I was wondering if I could join your challenge? How do I go about it? Thanks!

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