Monday, December 14, 2009

Letters to Santa Claus

Dear Santa Claus,

What i want for christmas is a LEGO ben ten alien
road rippers and
alvin and the chipmunks
the squeakquel
the movie and
Leapster with a batman
Leapster game.


This is Zach's letter to Santa Claus. He is getting suspicious of Santa Claus and has on several occasions grilled Dad about him. Zach has this crazy idea that Santa and Dad are the same person. Can you imagine?!? I asked him where he thought of that but he just squinted his eyes at me. He thinks he is on to something. I don't know where he gets it. If you notice, one of the items on his list is the new Chipmunks movie. I told him that Santa can't give him that movie because it is in the movie theaters. But Santa can do magic so Zach feels very confident that he will get that movie for Christmas. Of course, everyone knows that Santa can't break copyright laws. Duh!

As for Raef, I can't find his letter right now, and I am too tired to look. However, it was short so let me share his list with everyone. He wants 2 Wii Mario games, 10 books, and $5. Raef really, really, really loves the Wii. Of course, he knows that we don't have video games in our house. So he is just hoping for the games that he can take to his friends houses when he visits. He already spent his hard earned money on a Super Mario Brothers game. It cost $42!!! Whoa.

What will Santa Claus bring this year? Will the kids get the stuff on their list. Wii have decided that sometimes wii can change our minds on what wii will and won't buy for our kids. But wii are excited for this Christmas because wii are pretty sure the kids will be happy with what they get. I guess wii shall see how it all goes down. I will keep all of you posted.

I also have a letter to Santa...

Dear Santa Claus,

It has been a long year and I have a list of things I want for Christmas,
if it isn't too much trouble...

1. 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep (if you could stop by our house around 4am and warm up a couple of bottles, that would be great)

2. A house-cleaning elf.

3. Peace on Earth, goodwill toward men, but especially peace at my house.

4. Could you please show me where I put my rebate slip and envelope? I would like to get my $20 back, now that I finally found the box with the UPC label that I thought I had thrown away a month ago.

5. Would you mind take my belly fat with you? A couple extra pounds on you wouldn't be noticed. With all those cookies you eat, your pants are probably elastic. Mine aren't!

6. Perfume: Romance, Happy, or Pleasures. One of the 3 would be great...Sunflowers is almost gone and Le Diapere is sooooo last year!

7. Sacred Christmas music that actually talks about the baby Jesus. I say bleh to snow, chestnuts, bells, reindeer, hippy psuedo-Xmas songs and no offence, but Santa songs also. You don't seem like a vain guy so I think you wouldn't mind a lot more songs on the radio about Jesus than about you. It has got to be embarrassing for you sometimes, don't you think?

8. I could use 2 extra arms, but I would settle for one. You know why.

9. Kleenex. I get pretty blubbery when I watch cheesy Christmas movies and music specials. It is quite embarrassing, actually. I actually welled up listening to "Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella". I am really not sure why.

10. Superglue...I mean, I have a toddler and a Christmas tree. Need I say more.

Fly safe on Christmas night. I believe in the magic and wish you the best of luck with all of your deliveries. I am afraid that my kids are getting suspicious and think you don't really exist, but I know better. I hope I can teach them to always believe in you.

Lots of Love,


Elissa Taylor said...

I know you didn't mean to make me cry but well, it's late and I get emotional. I need to come visit.

Cheryl said...

Me too!
I always enjoy your posts and insights.

Angie said...

My kids get suspicious too but, then one of them reminds the other that if you don't believe you won't get any presents, so then of course they believe! I like your list maybe I will copy and paste a few of those things onto mine!

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